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Our history

Le Petit Potager Bio de Papounet was created in 2017. Jean-François creates a Facebook community around permaculture, gardening and health. This community grows quickly and becomes consistent.


A few years later, he met Adrien with whom he decided to join forces to give new impetus to the project. With their respective skills, they are developing a website-based initiative to keep the informative side at the center and help members take action to boost their green thumb. The idea is to continue to inform while highlighting local producers and offering products and recipes developed by Jean-François.  

We keep the same values. We want to inform, raise awareness, but if our members want to go further, we might as well offer certified products and transported with our ecological optimization criteria as leaving the lion's share to multinationals. We want to be an alternative to these channels.


Papounet's Small Organic Vegetable Garden Team

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