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5 tips to recover firewood for free (or almost)

There are many resources for finding free firewood between individuals, through your municipality, or online!

As winter approaches, the rising prices of wood worry those who have chosen a stove or fireplace insert to heat their homes. In some regions, the price of a stère of wood, which is 1 cubic meter of split wood, has increased by 10 to 15%. Fortunately, there are alternative ways to get firewood. And with a little elbow grease and goodwill, some of them are even free.

Here is everything you need to know about this surprising way to reduce your heating bill.

Recovering wood from pallets

As we explained in this article, wood from pallets is indeed usable for burning. And good news, it is a rather easy resource to obtain. So if you don't plan on making a garden furniture set or planters, these resources could help you heat up for free this winter. To find pallets, there are several options. You can turn to supermarkets, warehouses, or construction sites.

Exercise your right to collect wood

The practice is not 100% free, but it is so economical that it deserves a place in this article. For centuries, the right to collect wood has allowed residents of certain villages to obtain firewood by collecting it directly from the forest. A practice that has fallen into disuse but is experiencing a sudden resurgence of interest, a direct result of the increasing cost of living. While a stère of delivered wood is generally negotiated between €55 and €76, one cut with the right to collect wood costs €10 to €12.

Trimming and moving dead or fallen trees during storms takes time and a lot of energy.

Two resources that many individuals do not have. Depending on the size of their property, it is sometimes difficult for them to maintain it as they would like. However, this represents a quantity of firewood left to waste and not used. It is obviously forbidden to take wood from private property, but there is nothing stopping you from inquiring with your municipality to find out the identities of the owners in order to contact them and ask for their permission to pick up dead wood or trim a fallen tree. In this case, it is better to have a written agreement. If the owners are unable to maintain their property, it is quite possible that they will allow you to take some. A win-win situation.

Contact professionals Carpentry shops, construction sites, and hardware stores have lots of wood scraps.

After making sure that these are not treated and that they are suitable for burning, you can ask if you can have them. It's a good way to find free firewood, but it requires a little bit of legwork. You can also ask your neighbors if they have any scraps or branches to get rid of. Don't be afraid to knock on doors and ask, you might be surprised at the generosity of people.

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